Thank you for contacting me. Yes, I can prepare your return(s). I’ve prepared tax returns and provided clients tax-planning advice for the last 30 years. I specialize in this area and have clients around the world. My objective is to make sure you keep every tax dollar you legally deserve.

To begin a professional relationship, I need certain “sensitive” information to open a file for you and your family. That includes your legal name (must match your social security card), social security number, birth date, occupation, mailing address, W-2’s & 1099’s and financial statements for self-employed…in addition to the information requested below.

Please use my Dropbox to safely send me the information I requested. Please do not use regular email for sensitive information.[email protected]

You may submit your information to me in any manner that is convenient for you. I must tell you that it pays to be organized.

I normally begin the relationship with a review of your last three years returns for you at “no charge”. During the review I’m looking for:

  1. Carry-forward information that is necessary to properly prepare your 2011 return(s),
  2. Mistakes or corrections that may result in additional refunds for you, and
  3. To determine the complexity of your returns to provide you with a “firm” estimate as to the cost of the service.

That estimate and the scope of work are outlined in an Engagement Letter that is sent to you for your “review and approval”. I’m not engaged until you approve the terms and conditions of the relationship. You maintain control over the whole process at all times.

I’ll prepare the returns and send them to you, initially, in PDF format (Adobe Reader). After you review and approve the returns, I prepare a filing copy and a copy for your files and mail them to you by USPS or electronically, as appropriate. I’m also able to electronically file your returns with the government.

I hope this detailed description of the process has answered all your questions and concerns. I’m fairly structured in what I do to help minimize mistakes or misunderstandings. The most important thing for me is to insure that you completely satisfied with the service.

The next step is for me to review your prior year returns, if available. If you wish to send me the copies by expedited mail, my physical address is 195 Scenic Ridge Ct Redmond OR 97756-7417 USA. They also may be scanned in as an email attachment or faxed to me at (503) 296-2603. Whatever is easiest for you? If you don’t have the returns available and your current information is complete, simply send that information to me.

I look forward to hearing from you, again.

Sincerely, Ted Kleinman, CPA Website: Email: [email protected] Telephone: (541) 923-0903 Fax: (503) 296-2603 Skype: ustaxhelp2871