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  • I specialize in international taxes. My expertise means you’ll pay less in taxes and have less anxiety about dealing with the IRS.
  • US Tax Help sorts through all the complicated tax rules that apply to deductions and have a mastery of the massive volume of laws, regulations, exceptions, forms and interpretations.
  • I can help you minimize your taxes by using all your available deductions or credits.
  • I provide representation in front of IRS if necessary and help you avoid audits.
  • File on a timely basis, without you ever leaving your home.
  • Your privacy and security are protected at all times.
  • When you work with US Tax Help, your prior year’s tax information is available at any time; you won’t have to spend time searching for it.
  • I’ll identify the paperwork you’ll need to support your deductions and credits.
  • I’m available throughout the year to help with proactive tax planning.
  • Enjoy the same level of service and personal assistance you’d expect from a face-to-face encounter, but with the convenience of online access. 

Let Us Tackle Your U.S. Tax Issues


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I know tax issues need to be handled immediately which is why I’m available 24/7.

Phone: (541) 923-0903
Skype: USTAXHELP2871

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