Fee Structure


You can consult with Ted, who has over 30 years of experience helping expatriates and non-resident aliens around the world, resolve US tax issues. Consultations are available in 30, 60, & 90 minute increments costing $150, $300, & $450, respectively.  Consultations are held over the phone or via email at your convenience, without needing to visit an office. Simply contact us from 5 AM to 10 PM PST. If the initial consultation lasts less than the budgeted time, the remaining time can be used for questions you may have in the future or the balance can be applied toward tax preparation services. Ted charges in 15-minute increments. Consultation cost must be paid in advance. You will receive an E-Invoice to pay the retainer from a US account via bank debit after your introductory email and brief fact pattern is received. If you would like to schedule a call, please send Ted an email suggesting a time, pay the retainer, then schedule an appointment.

If you decide to proceed with a professional relationship he would prefer to review documents prior to the consultation. You may use our Secure Document Portal to send sensitive information.

Tax Preparation

Rather than scheduling a consult, your questions may be answered and money spent more wisely during the tax preparation process. The minimum charge for tax preparation is $475. The final price is determined after the scope of work is established. The scope of work is established by reviewing specific documents. The types of documents needed for the review will be outlined in response to your introductory email and a brief fact pattern. These may include sensitive documents such as previous tax returns, FBAR’s and employment contracts. There is no charge for reviewing documents and providing a price quote. You are in control of the process. If you decide not to proceed after the no charge review, you owe nothing. Sensitive documents remain confidential and may be sent securely using our Secure Document Portal.

If you are accepted as a client, you’ll receive an engagement letter for your review and approval. Once the engagement letter is approved and the retainer paid; Ted will lay-out a work plan and your responsibilities in detail.

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