Fee Structure

When it comes to taxes, peace of mind is invaluable. The fees associated with our tax preparation and consulting services enable our tax accountants to handle your annual returns and answer your questions so that you feel ready to tackle tax season head-on.

When seeking tax assistance, it is important to understand the fees involved so that you feel comfortable retaining and working with our tax CPAs. Tax preparation services are some of the most sought-after services we provide. The starting fee for tax preparation is $1,975. Fees for tax consulting start at $975 an hour. Such services will involve our tax CPAs reviewing your finances to identify appealing deductions and credits available to you. These fees exist because of the work and time that goes into navigating one’s taxes, especially when it comes to tax preparation. If you have any questions regarding our fee structure or how it pertains to the other services we offer, do not hesitate to contact our team today.

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Fee Structure for Our Tax Preparation Services

Tax preparation services are ideal for individuals with complicated tax returns. Our tax CPAs can prepare, complete, and submit all necessary tax documents on your behalf so that you do not have to stress during tax season.

The minimum charge for tax preparation services from US Tax Help is $1,975. Total fees may vary, depending on the scope of work. The scope of work refers to how involved your tax returns may be. In general, filers will need to provide our tax CPAs with their Social Security documents, income statements, expense receipts, and tax deduction records. We will send you a more specific list regarding the documents we require as necessary.

There is no charge for reviewing documents and providing a price quote. So, you are in control of the process. This means that you will not be charged if you decide you no longer need tax preparation services after receiving a quote. Sensitive documents, such as your Social Security documents, may be sent securely using our Secure Portal.

Once we have decided to work together, you will receive our standard engagement letter for your review and approval. Once the engagement letter is approved and the retainer paid, you will receive more detailed instructions about your responsibilities during tax preparation and how we plan to proceed.

Fee Structure for Our Tax Consulting Services

Engaging in our tax consulting services can allow you to reduce your tax liability while remaining in compliance with the law. This is especially ideal for individuals who may be eligible for lesser-known tax credits or perks, such as American expatriates.

The initial fee for tax consulting services from US Tax Help is $975. However, if our initial call lasts for less than one hour, you can use the remaining time for questions you may have in the future or apply the balance towards tax preparation services. Fees are assessed in 15-minute increments. Before their initial tax consulting calls with US Tax Help, clients must submit a $975 payment in advance.

After receiving your introductory email and brief fact pattern, we will send you an e-invoice to pay the retainer for a tax consulting session from a U.S. account via bank debit. If you would like to schedule a call, please send our tax accountants an email suggesting a time and make the $975 advance payment.

Reasons for Our Fees

Tax preparation and tax consulting require time and energy on behalf of our tax CPAs. While filers can legally submit their tax returns without assistance, doing so might cause them to miss out on crucial deductions or credits that our tax accountants can alert them to.

Organizing your finances can be a hassle, whether you are an individual filer, married, an expatriate, or own a business. For expatriates especially, there are certain tests expats must meet to prove their eligibility for specific tax credits and perks. Our tax accountants can sort through your financial information to determine which benefits and deductions you are eligible for so that you do not have to waste time doing so.

Tax preparation also requires the completion of general tax documents, specific schedules, and corresponding documents pertaining to your unique situation. We can explain complicated tax matters you might be unaware of and ensure you comply with current IRS filing requirements. These requirements can change yearly.

In addition to tax preparation and consulting services, our tax accountants offer services for tax disclosure and compliance, audit representation, and transactional tax issues, among other services. Also associated with fees that correspond to the labor such services entail, these services can help taxpayers navigate confusing and complex issues associated with tax filing.

When you retain our tax CPAs for assistance with all your tax needs, you can gain help from experienced professionals capable of ensuring you complete your tax liability and reduce what you owe to the IRS while remaining in line with the law. If you are unaware of certain tax filing responsibilities, you might be financially penalized by the IRS. These penalties are often more expensive than fees associated with tax preparation, consulting, or other services we offer, making retaining a tax accountant all the more beneficial for taxpayers.

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