I was fortunate to find Theodore who was able to quickly review my situation, make sound decisions and help me. His availability to assist me and his advice was extremely valuable. I highly recommend Ted for any tax needs. Thank you Ted for your dedication in providing us the very best in financial advice and service!


I found Ted through a Google search in March 2005. At a first glance, I was pleased with the level and detail of information on his website; more importantly, I was impressed by the testimonials of past and current clients. What I didn’t know at that time was that I would quickly count myself amongst those ranks – another extremely pleased client. Given the lack of service generally received from service providers in the financial planning and reporting sector, I was pleasantly surprised when Ted returned my call within 15 minutes of leaving him a message. Not only did he return my call promptly, but he spent over an hour with me (on an international call!) explaining some of the nuances of US-UK tax treatment in general, as well as discussing my situation specifically – and this was even before I had engaged him as an advisor! This was only the beginning of the highest level of service, attention, and advice that Ted has provided me with since then. Not only did he complete my returns (yes, multiple!) in less than 24 hours, but he also provided me with the tools and knowledge to understand them – always in a pleasant and professional manner. He has always addressed my questions and comments in a timely fashion, usually less than 24 hours. Not only will I be using Ted for my US tax needs going forward, but I would recommend him without any given reservation. Additionally, I am going to be proactively recommending him to all the Americans I know in the UK.

Ritesh S. Doshi – London , UK

Ted – I don’t know how to thank you enough for all the past tax history you have gone through and corrected to the benefit of my Mother. In addition, you have put a plan together that I thought likely not possible and certainly not with the speed and detail that you have done. I thank you and the entire team for all the work you did to resolve these matters. What appeared impossible and such a daunting task has now become a manageable process with the completion of all this in sight. Thank you Ted and thank you all for everything you have done and are doing to protect my Mother and my family.

International Tax Client

Ted is a CPA who specializes in international taxation for US expatriates. Hey, that sounds like me! So, I retained him to prepare my tax return. I’ve been very happy with the service he has provided; he’s fast, organized and thorough. He reduced my involvement in this whole mess to a few signatures and answering some questions, and at every turn has made things as easy as they possibly could be.

Lisa N. – London, UK

Ted handles both my personal and corporate financial issues. I’ve come to trust him implicitly because his advice is always fast, friendly, direct, saves me a ton of money, and keeps me out of jail! Of the many accountants I’ve worked with in the past, Ted is by far the most effective and the easiest to work with. He’s really made what used to be a yearly nightmare a simple walk in the park, even for someone like me with complicated international tax issues! Kudos!

Brent L. – Dortmund, Germany

Ted’s expertise within the international tax domain proved very helpful in resolving our queries for our first year’s US tax return, especially with regard to queries regarding our resident alien status and our global move. I shall definitely look to him for advice in future years. His patience is commendable!

Julie T. – London, UK

Ted was excellent. I had two questions, a longer one concerning a foreign tax credit and a second one concerning the Alternative Minimum Tax. He asked me to fax him my return the day before the phone call. When we discussed my questions, it became clear that he had already read my return carefully and even done some putative calculations. So the time on the phone was spent very efficiently and he fully answered all my questions…superb service.

Florian H. – Seattle, WA

Ted was very knowledgeable and helped me with every question I had. I’d highly recommend him to anyone needing help…

Bob H. – USA

Ted was very helpful & knowledgeable about a fairly unique set of tax requirements. I will definitely use him again!

B. H. – Australia.

Very professional advice. Given the special nature of my case, I asked Ted to prepare my return.

J. P. W. – Germany

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