Tax Resources

This “no charge” resource may help answer the difficult tax and financial questions US citizens and residents abroad generally have. If you have additional questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Tax Guides for Individuals

In this section I cover a variety of tax issues individuals face.  Whether you just started your first job or are planning your estate for loved ones I can help you through the process.  Here’s just a fraction of my individual tax guides:

Tax Guides for Businesses

Businesses face unique challenges with their finances and keeping meticulous tax records can help you avoid trouble down the line.  We have guides available in the following business tax categories:

Farm Specific Tax Issues


Tax Newsletters

Read an ongoing collection of industry newsletters which cover the most recent updates and changes to the US Tax Code.

Online Tax Guides

Guide to the 1040EZ Tax Form


Other Resources

6 Common Taxpayer Mistakes