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Business contracts create clear guidelines for all types of transactions, agreements, and financial decisions, from mergers and acquisitions to the leasing of commercial property and industrial equipment. When you enter into a contract with a vendor, retailer, lender, distributor, or supplier, you expect the parties involved to adhere to the terms of the deal. If another party fails to hold up their end of the contract, and does not provide you with full and timely payment for the goods or services your company supplied, your bottom line, your cash flow, and the future of your business can all be jeopardized.

Ted Kleinman, experienced CPA and founder of US Tax Help, provides corporate debt collection services to businesses throughout the United States. Drawing on decades of tax, bookkeeping, and accounting experience, Ted Kleinman works with corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and sole proprietorships to facilitate the efficient recovery of debts owed to your business. US Tax Help follows procedures that are rigorous and effective while complying with debt collection laws. Our mission is to obtain the compensation your organization is owed, while simultaneously helping your business make sound tax and financial planning decisions. Contact US Tax Help online for a free consultation, or call (541) 923-0903 today.

Commercial Debt Collection Services for Small Businesses and Corporations

CPA Ted Kleinman applies more than 30 years of tax experience serving companies in all types of industries, including manufacturing, education, healthcare, construction, hospitality, agriculture, and more. Supported by in-depth knowledge of federal tax laws – and how they have been changed by legislation like the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) – Ted Kleinman can help your organization make wise financial decisions, while working tirelessly to recover the full and fair payment that you are contractually entitled to.

When selling your small business, one of your highest priorities will be to ensure the full and timely receipt of payment. Ted Kleinman has decades of experience helping business owners plan high-value transactions, and is here to protect your best interests while securing funds from the debtor.

Working with persistence and tenacity, US Tax Help will not give up until we have located the company or individual who owes your business. If other corporate collection actions have failed to resolve the dispute and recover the debt, Ted Kleinman may be able to assist you with the procedures for garnishing bank accounts, which enables creditors to obtain funds directly from the debtor’s account.

US Tax Help can review your contracts to help you drive profits, preserve wealth, and protect the best interests of the business you have worked hard to develop. In addition to obtaining the payments established by the terms of your contract, Ted Kleinman will also utilize his decades of corporate tax experience to minimize unwanted consequences of sales and other transactions.

Corporate Debt Collection CPA for US Businesses

Ted Kleinman approaches each debt collection case with two fundamental goals: obtaining the payment your business is owed, and helping your organization improve its overall tax strategy. US Tax Help combines commercial debt collection with a wide array of additional business tax services, from corporate tax planning to bookkeeping and accounting, giving your company the tools it needs to lay a stronger financial foundation for the future. Not only can US Tax Help collect debts that are owed to your company – in addition, Ted Kleinman can also walk you through the tax implications of other transactions or contracts that are currently under consideration, such as a potential merger or the tentative purchase of industrial machinery.

Proudly serving businesses throughout the United States, corporate collections CPA Ted Kleinman brings to the table decades of experience helping small, midsize, and large companies to collect commercial debts while providing incisive tax guidance on audits, mergers and acquisitions, employment and payroll tax questions, and other business tax issues. Even if you are owed a substantial amount, have previously had difficulty trying to contact the debtor, or are facing other obstacles, US Tax Help can make the collections process faster and simpler, freeing up more time and energy for you to focus on what’s most important: operating and growing your business.

If your company is looking for aggressive corporate debt collection services combined with dependable tax guidance, contact US Tax Help online, or call (541) 923-0903 to schedule a free consultation today.

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